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The Center for Disease Analysis (CDA) Foundation is a non-profit corporation, registered in the state of Colorado in the United States. The mission of the Foundation is to support studies and projects that increase the knowledge of human diseases, forecast future trends, increase access to medicines and diagnostics, promote disease prevention and provide healthcare education.

Currently, there are two initiatives supported by the Foundation: the Polaris Observatory and the Global Procurement Fund. Each initiative has an independent advisory board that provides strategic directions and recommendations for further work.

In addition, the Foundation has supported other programs that fall within its mission statement.

The affairs of the Foundation are managed by a board of directors which receive no compensation. The current board members are:

Armin Rahimi
Homie Razavi
Douglas Spurgin
Christine Shearer

Further details on corporate bylaws, conflict of interest policies, and the articles of incorporation can be found in the Corporate Document section.

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